Systems Integration

VMC Holdings Group Systems Integration is based on technical interpretation backed by solid engineering skills, project management and quality production facility.

We design, manufacture and install computerized audio-visual systems for a wide range of applications, providing any combination of projection, audio, video, single or networked interactive computers, show control and event scheduling.

A major priority for all our clients is reliability – confidence that the equipment “behind the scenes” will always perform. We achieve reliability through careful selection of the right equipment for the right job, and the design and construction of a fully integrated system.

The process begins with knowledgeable consultants who start every new project by listening to what the client wants to achieve, and only then start to apply the appropriate technology.

Our engineering and project management staff handle projects from concept through to completion, working to formal quality standards. Projects are built and fully tested away from site, to ensure the highest quality result, and so that the work can be done in clean conditions.

Our skilled wiring and test staff work together with installation staff to ensure that the racks and equipment can be installed, commissioned and programmed safely and effectively when they arrive on site.

At VMC Holdings Group, we manufacture some key control, image processing and video equipment. However, for every project we use the most appropriate technology, regardless of the manufacturer.

With the experience of thousands of successful installations in all parts of the world, there is no-one better qualified to help you with all of your audio-visual needs.



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