Command & Control Projects


NORAD Command Center


Lockheed Martin chose VMC Holdings Group as the display system partner for the new Command Center of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

Lockheed Martin was the main contractor for the new Command Center of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) which is sited deep within Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lockheed chose Electrosonic as display system partner.VMC Holdings Group delivered the displays, image processing, image switching and display control equipment as a complete sub-system.

Boeing Air Testing


Boeing 777 engine test facility. Information display using 40in DLP and VECTOR™ processing

Testing of the engines for the Boeing 777 was carried out at the Arnold Air Test Facility in Tennessee, a US Air Force and Navy jet engine test facility and the only one in the world large enough to carry out the test on the ground.


National Defense University


National Defense University (NDU) Washington DC, USA

VMC Holdings Group installed a sophisticated information presentation display in the 500-seat Baruch Auditorium with VECTOR image processing.

The National Defense University (NDU) located at Ft. McNair in Washington DC is the U.S. military’s top academic institution for military, civilian and diplomatic national security education, research, outreach and strategic studies. The NDU educates military and civilian leaders in a broad range of subjects including national security and military strategy, multinational operations and national and international policy.


SPAWAR Charleston SC, USA

Space and Naval Warfare Center. Uses onboard ship LCD displays with Electrosonic VECTOR™ processing..

The Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center in Charleston, South Carolina have chosen a combination of Electrosonic VECTOR™ image processing and Clarity Wildcat LCD cubes for important applications of color large screen display on board ship.

Los Angeles County Traffic Management Center Los Angeles, USA

VMC Holdings Group provided a complete solution to the Los Angeles County Traffic Management Center, installing and commissioning specialist technology and providing ongoing service.

The County of Los Angeles Public Works has the responsibility for managing the safe and efficient use of traffic and safety services on the permanent grid of streets and roads in the county. Varying highway and local traffic patterns, construction, maintenance and accidents make management of the network of streets a complex task. A variety of information sources including surveillance video, intersection control, as well as loop and video detection systems provide data that can be used to help manage the system.


Ceridian Corporation Louisville KY, USA

Network Operations Center for the Ceridian Corporation using VECTOR™ with a DLP videowall.

Ceridian Corporation ( is an information services company serving businesses and employees in the United States, Canada and Europe. Ceridian is one of the top human resources outsourcing companies in these markets, and offers a suite of innovative managed business solutions for HRMS, payroll, tax filing, application outsourcing, time and attendance, benefits administration and employee effectiveness services.



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