Color Pattern Generator

HD / SD Color Pattern Generator (CBG)

The MiniXBox Color Bar Generator will generate over 10 color bar patterns including moving patterns for accurately testing and tracking the 3-2 cadence. The MiniXBox CBG will output in virtually HDTV Digital Television Standard as well as Standard Definition formats. The unit will output patterns in both frame and field mode. All control functions of the MiniXBox can be controlled via a LCD front panel or remote serial RS-232/RS-422 communications link.



    • Internal moving test patterns with 3/2 
    • Off-Speed PAL (625/24fps) input/output
    • User-defined Presets
    • Field, frame and 3:2 conversion modes
    • Control software for remote operation
    • Remote downloading of images
    • HD tri-level and composite sync outputs
    • Genlock 
    • 10 bit video path and 12 bit processing



  • HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) 720P, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 1080/24sf, 1080p, 1080/47.95, 480p.
  • SDI (SMPTE 259M) 525 (NTSC), 625(PAL) and 625/47.95 (Slow PAL)
  • Auto Switch Power Supply  120 -240 60/50
  • 2 Rack Units / 19" rack mountable
  • Weight: 21 lbs Aprox
  • Control Ports:  RS-232
  • One year parts and labor warranty

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