HD-10sg 1080i version

HDTV 1080i Tri-level Sync Generator

The HD-10sg provides a tri-level sync output. The sync generator's output can be locked to NTSC black or composite for vertical alignment of both systems. This special feature provides the following benefits:

  • Allows alignment of both systems when down conversion is employed
  • Locking the systems allows for synchronized SMPTE/EBU digital audio in both NTSC and HDTV systems

The HD-10sg also allows the selection of 59.94Hz or 60Hz field rate output.


  • 525 composite or black burst


  • Tri-level sync (2 sets)
  • For 1080i (SMPTE 274m) & 1035i
  • 0.600 volts peak to peak
  • Field rate output selectable:

    59.94Hz vertical & 33.716kHz horizontal
    60Hz vertical & 33.75kHz horizontal


  • The tri-level sync output locks vertically to the black burst or composite sync input.
  • 59.94Hz or 60Hz output field rate
  • 6 months labor / 1 year parts
  • 19" width 17"depth 1.75"height (1RU chassis)
  • 8lbs weight 110/220 volts

Specifications subject to change without notice

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